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Every Time

The Evening Coffee,
Led Zeppelin for some time,
a day that went wasted again
a night that would devour
bits of me happily ,
till I feel nothing in the
sunny morning , still
be ready for a new day ahead.

But before all this
devour and massacre,
let me scribble a page
or few
as a memoir of the damned nights
I am seeking stars tonight
nor are they looking for me.
No wonder the nights don’t excite me
I wonder are the stars excited?
Every time.

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Clouds Over the Burial

Clouds over the burial
wept in unison,
with the souls weeping,
for the soul heading,
to heaven.

I heard thunders burst,
and the 21 gun salute for you,
teary eyes all around,
all will not be same I knew.

I have your letters,
most of them will I treasure
as reminiscence of time
of someone braver,
someone forever mine.

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Today,  I was at a Restaurant enjoying my meal. A Colleague of mine happened to be there too and she came to me. We exchange greetings and to her shock, she asked me why was I all alone there? Where were my friends?

I told her I came alone. She felt sorry for me, anyways we talked a bit and went to her Table. After some time when I was leaving , I saw her sitting having meal while her friends were busy with Selfies, Check-in and probably Zomato. I wanted to ask her the same question but I too felt sorry. It seemed she was drowning when she asked me to be save from same.
She didn’t realized it until water reached her neck.Our Eyes Met and just smiled. I wish this might save the night of hers.

Loneliness is a Myth. Embrace your inner self and you will never be alone.

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When the kid inside you
asks how it’s like to be an adult?
how does it feel to be organised
when your inside is full of chaos
to work and not feel overjoyed
but still being hammered to do it
how does it feel to ignore the colors
when you want to drown in them
to see someone dance like no one is watching
and you are afraid to join because of shame
how does it feel to be keep me caged
when you heart is same like me
but the head tells you to ignore.


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The End

We all deserve an end
End from Travesty
End from Unknowings
End from unchased dreams
End from failures
End from crowds
End from the false mirrors
And finally end from ourselves
to the bright light
which does not judge
just embraces with open arms.