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Poetic Illusion

Lightness descends
in my head

as a brief vision of yours
reincarnate within me

you were not just a beauty
last night,
you were a poetic illusion

an art made of small verses,
brewing sinful temptations

and I read you very slowly
like one of my own written creations.

for I have been a starving reader
all my life

and you were finally
an end to my starvation.

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Some women are magic,
they play with their hair,
let off a smile,
and quietly
in steps drown you
in a infinite pool
of unrequited love

But she was different,
a glance at her,
dancing merrily,
like a 5 year old,
she just bolted within me,
forget drowning
and I never even heard the thunder,
just felt it all my life.