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“We will bring people closer than ever, our aim is to connect a billion people. It’s time we use technology to finally shorten distances between us” said the young entrepreneur .

“Can’t come home Mummy, had a press conference. Will come next month. Happy Belated Birthday Mummy 🙂 ” ,he texted proudly.

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If you ask me for a wish,
I would say a long dark winter,

where the sun has been consumed by ice
and turned like a dead cold floating moon,

where rivers have nowhere to be seen,
just white sheets till your eyes can wander,

where animals are hidden in caves
scared of the unknown wandering,

where screams are nothing comparable
to the howling of the winds

I would just wait for an eternity
at my window with thickest blanket

humming about snow, the sky and the darkness,
and writing about the spring to come
for eternity.

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Far away
In a green land
near the park bench
where the lakes meet
and whisper stories.

I sit there
and read my stories out too
from the diaries
I wrote for you
to the wind,
lakes and
the universe

But I never finish,
Because you never left,
inside you are there
alive in every story