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She had raw love
the one you don’t find easily,
the one that is hard to play with,
the one that destroys you.

but you will still keep asking for more
because it’s a poison
that would end your hidden sufferings

because she can make you believe
with her eyes and love
that you are missing something within

you don’t fear death now
you fear those eyes,
that love,
this life,
without her.

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Conundrum of Choices

To eclipse a past
Is to brace a free fall,
You have your toes ready
for the descent,
But your skin has a bolt of lightning
Teasing the tense tissues.

Who shall remember you?
A corpse about to turn to uneven bacon,
You had a heart of fire.
Now it is dilapidated smoked ruin.
Was it worth it?

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In coffee, we trust.

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An unsettling deciphers
a state of silence :
When every mirror sells illusion,
How can you trust a pair of dreamy eyes?

A stoic whimper,
A mist that smells like the sun,
A kiss that compels of it’s origin,
Carry all of them till the day of reckoning.

You never know, when you shall be healed,
A rebirth is just a meaningless smile away.
Isn’t it?

– Shashank Bhardwaj

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A memory of your smell :
an enslavement, so clandestine.
It tunes my arteries to sing,
like the waves sing,
for purposes unknown.

I ebb away , from this nonchalant madness
and turn into a moon-kissed star dust,
wishing there were no sun or stars,

Cause I now abhor the lick of light.
It separates us unknowingly.
How come I still dream of you again?
At what cost?
At what price?

© Shashank Bhardwaj

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Dissolving the Chaos

This wall with its cracks,
Where every crevice
is an unheard voiceless moan,
becomes an abyss of observation
for my restless eyes.

I trace its tips every night,
Its faint wreckage,
till I could
listen it being fissured
inch by inch by tips unknown
in the viscous dark.

Time melts itself slowly,
dripping all the way to my eyes,
drowning my visions, and if that was not enough

The light brews at the lips of dawn,
flooding the room with a desperate silence,
dissolving the beautiful little chaos in my life,eventually.

© Shashank Bhardwaj