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fiction and poetry, Heart, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry, Tears


shining mirrors
literally a dozen of them
or maybe hundred
stacked against each other
as I walk past them,
with the grey sky above
I see two worlds
two realities,

In one there is merry all around
people are happy,
children are happy,
the weather is beautiful
the animals are running

In the other,
people are fighting
children are crying
the earth is dying
the animals are killed

but which of them is a vision made
of glass
and which is the astounding existing

what you choose to see
in either of them
will be the reality
the rest would be a vision
which would be shattered
like it always has been.

fiction and poetry, Heart, Life, Love, pain, Poems, poetry, sadness, Tears

Burn Within

I see everyone burning,
to dazzle the world,
people burning cash,
people burning fat,
people burning dreams,
just to be accepted,
just to be loved
from someone
I find it useless,
to seek someone,
why not seek yourself,
why not burn within
why not dazzle yourself,
who knows
you might start
loving yourself
in between.

fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry, Tears

Hung Up

“Hello are you there?”
said an uncomfortable voice,
and a single line spoken by a breaking voice
resurfaced memories that were burned
from their ashes,conjured pictures
that were forgotten and lost,
brought words to a standstill,
being miles away from her
he could still remember the smell,
listen the laughter,
see the eyes,
when it got overpowering on him
more than he could bear
without saying anything
He hung up .
choked by tears and silence .

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Clouds Over the Burial

Clouds over the burial
wept in unison,
with the souls weeping,
for the soul heading,
to heaven.

I heard thunders burst,
and the 21 gun salute for you,
teary eyes all around,
all will not be same I knew.

I have your letters,
most of them will I treasure
as reminiscence of time
of someone braver,
someone forever mine.