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In a quest to outshine the darkness
the sun decided to travel,
to galaxies so far away
whom no ever dared to unravel.

But during the path it decided to stop
after seeing a beautiful thing
a planet that looks blue and lively
floating in a dead sink

From years to come and years to go
both craved for each other’s  attention
so they decided to roamed around in each other’s aura
till their untimely end

a travel turned into a tale
others say into a phenomenon
let’s pack our bags and go away
in search of our such dimension.

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Ravaged Souls
Bitter burned bodies
Broken in every part
whether inside or outside
look for faith
in search for something
that simply consoles
them  that it would be all right.
If I tell this by myself to someone
in need
We would be making homes out of
of divine pampered idols
for those who pray for homes every time.

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Snow Man

I have tried to find myself
sometimes in the mirror
or the lake
but failed every time

I met a stranger whenever
I tried.
One who is weak
Lost and Misled
but then came the winter
and thus snow

I came out and saw the heavenly whiteness
all around
I took a handful of it
formed balls and tread marks
and finally a snowman

staring at him for long
I felt like crying
I destroyed him and so did myself.

now there is no snowman outside
or inside
just remains the thin ice on the lake
which is going to make the world drown
if give a fucking chance.

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Sometimes it is okie to fail
it’s okie to float alone dead in the sea
to witness heart sinking
breath with sighs in the night
to look in the mirror
and feel disgusted
because in the end you would learn something
there would be rain for some days
but in the end you would be struck with lightning
till you rise and wait to fall again.
rather than be a mediocre
I want to be a failure
Don’t Fear Failure
Fear Mediocrity.