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The Night’s a Serpent


Dark hues deliquesce
in the warmth of the burning stars,
the black cosmic sea now floats:
but still an abomination in eyes
of people spoon-fed with light.

Coiling and encircling the unseen ends
on the horizon; like Jörmungandr, the mighty serpent,
while winds hymn odes for the people
who drank in chalices sprinkled with stardust

The language of Aeolian is now have forgotten.
the constrictions of the serpent shall bleed
morning light in a few hours.

I will wait for the revolutions to complete
while caressing its skin through the desire
in eyes.

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Every Time

The Evening Coffee,
Led Zeppelin for some time,
a day that went wasted again
a night that would devour
bits of me happily ,
till I feel nothing in the
sunny morning , still
be ready for a new day ahead.

But before all this
devour and massacre,
let me scribble a page
or few
as a memoir of the damned nights
I am seeking stars tonight
nor are they looking for me.
No wonder the nights don’t excite me
I wonder are the stars excited?
Every time.

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The Sea’s Longing

The sea longs for a lost lover,
every beautiful night,
who was taken away from her,
very far out of sight,

Every clear night,
she sees him above,
among the stars bright
lies her lost love,

who conjures waves in her,
with his dim light,
she breaks down in unrest,
even with all her might,

the stars look at everything,
and quietly wonder why,
their love increases with distance,
every single night.

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Close to the Moon

Every night,
I lay down,
and try to find you,
in the stars unseen,

but you were hidden,
behind the clouds,
close to the moon,
where you had been,

 It’s has been time,
since I saw you,
close to me,
even in my dreams,

I will wait for the clouds,
to go tonight,
and see you again,
by any means.


I Wonder

I wonder when was the last time,
I saw the pretty stars
disappeared in the sky,where are they now?
In a nearby galaxy,not very far?

I wonder what happened to them
Did they leave in Disgust?
For all they did was to burn,
and choices of turning to rust.

I wonder whether the sky would
shine again as it did,
Beautiful as it was,more splendid than is,
It will happen soon as I get a feeling for it,
this ain’t a old man praying,It’s just a kid.