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“We will bring people closer than ever, our aim is to connect a billion people. It’s time we use technology to finally shorten distances between us” said the young entrepreneur .

“Can’t come home Mummy, had a press conference. Will come next month. Happy Belated Birthday Mummy 🙂 ” ,he texted proudly.

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Some women are magic,
they play with their hair,
let off a smile,
and quietly
in steps drown you
in a infinite pool
of unrequited love

But she was different,
a glance at her,
dancing merrily,
like a 5 year old,
she just bolted within me,
forget drowning
and I never even heard the thunder,
just felt it all my life.

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We all are searching for the Protagonist,
in the empty and deserted halls of faith within,
with each day we consume the poison
of ignorance and it kills slowly
but surely.

one day will arrive
when we all realize we were the mast holders
of the stormy nights just looking for light
and we gave up sensing lack of help from anyone
with fear of drowning or eaten alive.

What only we needed was to endure a brief pain
to hold on the mast a bit longer,
the protagonist would have surfaced in the same halls,
lightning, winds,tides all would have been a laugh from then.

Don’t search the protagonist . Be One.
of your life,your fight,your death.

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Today,  I was at a Restaurant enjoying my meal. A Colleague of mine happened to be there too and she came to me. We exchange greetings and to her shock, she asked me why was I all alone there? Where were my friends?

I told her I came alone. She felt sorry for me, anyways we talked a bit and went to her Table. After some time when I was leaving , I saw her sitting having meal while her friends were busy with Selfies, Check-in and probably Zomato. I wanted to ask her the same question but I too felt sorry. It seemed she was drowning when she asked me to be save from same.
She didn’t realized it until water reached her neck.Our Eyes Met and just smiled. I wish this might save the night of hers.

Loneliness is a Myth. Embrace your inner self and you will never be alone.

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Two deck of cards
She mixed them
Playing with her hair
she asked me to pick one
and if it is the lucky one
I would get a kiss
I took the decks
and held every card
I possibly can with my hands
and said I cannot let my luck stop you from kissing me.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.

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Not Today

Disgusted and Tired,
I wake up in my room
and watch men walking to their offices
like a group of penguins
I feel the air grew warm and sad for me
but not warmer than my quilt
I see the day bright
but some days you want to drink darkness
and have hangovers of past
of times when you were not having a penguin suit
but just a naked scarred soul which was afraid to live like so.

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Toiling hard day and night,
looks tired at every sight,
for every dream in eyes,
lonesome cries
and few delights,
still walking down the road,
he never forgets to smile,
to wish people around,
learn something new
and share what he has,
be it food,
and laughter,
I wonder why they call him poor.

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