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Every drag,
murders the symphony of silence.
I whiff off its ashes and turn this water
in the glass into a fluid cemetery.
The river of disgust now drowns my rage.
I throw it off in the sink and then whisk down the warm beer.

Turning off the lights, I wondered
how many more cigarettes do I need today
to burn this fucking world down.

© SB.

beauty, creative-writing, Fiction & Poetry, fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry, sadness


There were reasons.
These walls smelled of you,
The little sparrows lost their way.
A graveyard of flowers,
withered in silence.
Everything you touched,
had turned into an insoluble memory.

So I held my syllables,
I forgave the explanations.
I forgot the time.
For, If I whispered,
it will all be true.
You will be gone.
You will become something,
I cannot comprehend.
The absence will become an image.
For which, I believe,
I am not ready.
No one could ever be.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

beauty, Death, Fiction & Poetry, fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry, sadness

A Mermaid’s Past


She only remembers the drowning.

the smell of the candles
put out with tears is a forgotten memory.

the wrath of the Poseidon trembled the sky,
stars disappeared in the hidden asylum of unseen alleys.

A dissolution of an ominous fear
of losing someone in a never-ending darkness.

A leap in the deep abyss
black hues massacres the blue
body with a heavy heart drowns
till the anguish warms the water.

At night, the colors resume their hibernation
in the lake of rainbows.

Search for the love, who promised
to come back now tastes like bitter salt.

a sharp tinge of regret on tongues
that lick the icicles of truth.


To be Continued.

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How does it Feel?

To be close to the ocean
but cannot get your feet wet.

To the smell the salty air
but cannot breathe.

To see the crimson horizon
but cannot remember.

To see your dog lying next to you
but cannot pet him.

To conjure all the words for the ocean
but cannot write.

To sleep well all your life
but cannot dream.

To love someone all your life
but cannot have them.

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A 4 Euro Smile

I frantically search it
in the mirrors,
it isn’t there.

Dusted family albums
leaves no trace of it.

I remember well,
I did not leave it outside last night.
I wasn’t that drunk.

My dog cannot search it,
he stupidly barks.

The Beer does not bring it back
nor does the water,
neither does the chocolates

this light and the darkness,
the sun and the moons,
my entire childhood,
they have no answers,
no fucking clue.

But only one question for me.

Why don’t you just buy it again?

– Smile.
A Mask of Happiness.
A Breeze of Contentment.
A Light of Hope.
A Kiss of Success.

Just buy it.
Fake it.
Live it.
As you do it every other day.

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Being Truly Alone.


My Love,
You have never been alone,
Sitting in an empty house
watching the rain shouldn’t make
you lonely, It should make you complete.

I remember the painter
who waited all evening
for people to visit his gallery.
No one did.
He closed the lights and shutter
He was truly alone.

I remember the singer
who played this afternoon in the
bar I was drinking.
No Damned Soul was listening to him
still, he played his best.
He was truly alone.

I remember the gentle foreigner
who drank beer at the table next to me.
At the very end, out of blur
he gave up and sought a corner
to call someone. He might have talked
for half an hour.
He was truly alone.

While I read the book,
sipped beer and wrote this poem.
yes, I was truly alone.