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Today,  I was at a Restaurant enjoying my meal. A Colleague of mine happened to be there too and she came to me. We exchange greetings and to her shock, she asked me why was I all alone there? Where were my friends?

I told her I came alone. She felt sorry for me, anyways we talked a bit and went to her Table. After some time when I was leaving , I saw her sitting having meal while her friends were busy with Selfies, Check-in and probably Zomato. I wanted to ask her the same question but I too felt sorry. It seemed she was drowning when she asked me to be save from same.
She didn’t realized it until water reached her neck.Our Eyes Met and just smiled. I wish this might save the night of hers.

Loneliness is a Myth. Embrace your inner self and you will never be alone.

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Toiling hard day and night,
looks tired at every sight,
for every dream in eyes,
lonesome cries
and few delights,
still walking down the road,
he never forgets to smile,
to wish people around,
learn something new
and share what he has,
be it food,
and laughter,
I wonder why they call him poor.

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fiction and poetry, food, Life, Love, Poetry, Writings

Poem + Food

Hot Coffee with chocolate,
a packet of chips,
screw the diet plan,
ignorance is the bliss,

writing is easy,
with food around,
I think better when,
my stomach is sound,

chocolates and cakes,
truffles and shakes,
I now wonder why,
GRRM has such a good waist,
(George R.R.Martin,Writer, A Song of Ice and Fire)

with so much eating,
and keyboard on fire,
i feel the urge to sleep,
my utmost desire,

stuffed till the neck,
with food and love,
the heart sings a rhythm,
so melodious,

as I pass to my dreamy world,
I see words dancing,
all-seeing me at once,
like cute puppies glancing,

I pick the one, whose rhythm matches my heart,
the writing isn’t over,it’s about to start,
as soon as I wake up, keyboard’s again on fire
with words all over from the dreamy world supplier,