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Hung Up

“Hello are you there?”
said an uncomfortable voice,
and a single line spoken by a breaking voice
resurfaced memories that were burned
from their ashes,conjured pictures
that were forgotten and lost,
brought words to a standstill,
being miles away from her
he could still remember the smell,
listen the laughter,
see the eyes,
when it got overpowering on him
more than he could bear
without saying anything
He hung up .
choked by tears and silence .

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Tears Tonight

I met a stranger,
in the subway tonight,
he seemed lost,
with tears in his eyes,
ragged clothes,
and a smell of despair,
his world seem fallen,
he sat in the corner,
and cried like a baby,
people didn’t care,
I tried,maybe
but I couldn’t bear,
seeing him cry,
so I went,
and asked him why?
He swept his tears,
and looked surprised,
didn’t say a word,
not a sigh,
took out a paper,
and asked me to read,
I read and couldn’t think,
how to leave,
he hugged me hard,
and sobbed again,
“Old Age Home”,
was his pain
a life now spent,
in utter regret,
as where did his love,
fell short in life,
why the end like this,
why tears tonight.

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Tears of the Valley.(Kashmir)

A valley somewhere,
cries for the lost soul,
the soul wanders,
in the snow-capped mountains,
over the  beautiful lakes,
picks a colourful flower,
amidst the gunshots,
amidst the pain,
be it the freezing wind,
or the incessant rain,
he comes back,
seeing himself lie, bullet-ridden,
with no one to bury,
he keeps the flower,
and ponders,
Heaven was made for everyone,
for those who have love in the heart,
it’s the greed that made me die,
when I could have lived,
at the “Heaven on the Earth.”

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He would be back

broken frame,
glass on the floor,
a letter unopened,
tears echoed,
for someone,
who said he would be back,
to read the night stories,
to play the games,
to take all camp side,
one sunny day,
But that day he became,
part of earth,
with clouds of tears,
thunders of disgust,
they all ask how it happened,
she now says proudly,
killed in action.

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The Sea and the Sky

The sea is mighty and full of life,
it holds water and beauty without divide,
think what if the water were tears?,
which sky has shed throughout the years?

The sea has storms that create a rage,
it destroys whatever it finds without leaving a trace,
what if the storm is sky looking back in the past?
and unable to control the tears it should never had?

The sea is calm and cool at times,
like a drink of vodka mixed with lime,
what if the sea and sky meet like this somewhere?
holding each other and stopping the tears?