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Numbers and Desolation

We all have been there,
alone and desolated.

With a mutual disregard
even for the infinite tones of the sea.

Counting the uneven days,
when a bowl of unexplainable rage
was refrigerated within the spaces
between the soul and darkness.

The numbers kept us hanging.

The fat man and the little boy,
slipped past some fucking numbers,
leaving behind annihilated dreams
sublimating to the zenith of a nuclear cloud.

The beginning of a countdown
is the recipe for your destruction.

tick-tock, tick-tock
do you feel it?

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Three Tiny Tots


Three tiny tots
and a fluffy dog,
laying on the grass
looked at the clouds.

the first one said,
look an elephant,
the second one said,
look a rabbit,

the third one said
look a dinosaur dancing on the rainbow,
the others were jealous of his imagination,
he was only humble for his blindness

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I do dread
the ghostly shadows
flinching and playing
with the mirrors
making faces
a new one every time,
they whisper in the dark
and laugh mockingly
behind my back

I do not get angry though,
they at least show what they are up to
unlike us who do the same,
but pretend to be angels
all the time.
even in the light.

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Clouds Over the Burial

Clouds over the burial
wept in unison,
with the souls weeping,
for the soul heading,
to heaven.

I heard thunders burst,
and the 21 gun salute for you,
teary eyes all around,
all will not be same I knew.

I have your letters,
most of them will I treasure
as reminiscence of time
of someone braver,
someone forever mine.

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Like a Smell



He was lying down alone
watching the celestial beauties
some were burning bright
others were exhausted effigies

a wind blew by him
the petrichor smelled fresh
in a night beautiful as this
he wanted to disappear instead

like a faint whisper
more like a smell
spreading every place
where no one ever dwelt

but alas the truth
that is bitter than the wine
he gulped down the bottle in one go
and forgot every sense of time.

he woke up with a headache
lying on the same ground
dusted off his clothes again
and went happily to his town.