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the real loving people,
the ones who feast on hearts
for years and centuries and
hunt on the smell of affection,
stay away from them.
Avoid them.
For they would make
you feel loving is normal,
it’s necessary.
But it isn’t

the real insane people,
the ones who shapeshift
into volcanoes and waterfall
at a slight change in air flow,
Avoid them.
For they would make
you feel insanity is normal.
it’s necessary
But it isn’t.

the real versions of you,
the ones who you greet in the mirror,
the artist, the erotic and lewd writer\dreamer,
the failed guitarist, the Bukowski in making,
Avoid all of them.
For they would make
you feel failure is normal
It’s necessary.
But it isn’t.



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In a moment of madness
he burned his diary
his thoughts, his poems
his life was burning to ashes.
Inside he laughed thinking of
days to come.
when there would be no calling
in his heart to write.
No nights spent asking himself his worth
Failure didn’t made him a loser
It just made him forget that he wasn’t ordinary.

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The End

We all deserve an end
End from Travesty
End from Unknowings
End from unchased dreams
End from failures
End from crowds
End from the false mirrors
And finally end from ourselves
to the bright light
which does not judge
just embraces with open arms.

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Sometimes it is okie to fail
it’s okie to float alone dead in the sea
to witness heart sinking
breath with sighs in the night
to look in the mirror
and feel disgusted
because in the end you would learn something
there would be rain for some days
but in the end you would be struck with lightning
till you rise and wait to fall again.
rather than be a mediocre
I want to be a failure
Don’t Fear Failure
Fear Mediocrity.






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There is a phoenix inside each of us,
rattling out the cages, we call heart,
Ever wondered what keeps it inside?
Why doesn’t it tear the heart apart?,
burns what comes in its way?
so that you have a new self,
pure by the flames of desire,
without feeling of failure,
blinded just by passion,
without thirst, food,sleep,love,faith,hope,

Why do some of us soar so high?
Why do some live with scars?
It is when you killed what you loved,
stopped doing what you always wanted,
listened to the multitude of people,
who never listened to their own rattles of cages.