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The Nomad and the Wise

dust from the all the worlds
a scarf knitted by a mistress from somewhere,
jar of wine that makes you forget the past,
thirst for the lands unseen,
this was all
what the nomad ever carried.

scriptures from all of the worlds,
a letter written in some undecipherable launguage,
potion that makes you drown in dreams,
curiosity about people whom he never met,
this was all
what the wise had amassed

whenever they met.
They never traded stories.
They traded worlds.

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In a quest to outshine the darkness
the sun decided to travel,
to galaxies so far away
whom no ever dared to unravel.

But during the path it decided to stop
after seeing a beautiful thing
a planet that looks blue and lively
floating in a dead sink

From years to come and years to go
both craved for each other’s  attention
so they decided to roamed around in each other’s aura
till their untimely end

a travel turned into a tale
others say into a phenomenon
let’s pack our bags and go away
in search of our such dimension.

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Some Eyes

Some eyes are deep,
like a lake of drowned bodies,
like a heart sunk in,
like a long winter’s sleep,

Some eyes tell a story,
like a old war veteran,
like a grandmother waiting for children,
like a writer with a past,

Some eyes take you places,
like a kid holding your hands,
like a treasure map in sand,
like a memory you cannot withstand,

And some eyes love,
like a cute kitten’s,
like a playful omen,
like a mysterious showman’s.

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I see the world,
as a huge library,
stacked together,
With people as books,
Each one different,
each one worth knowing,
to know everything,
you cannot remain in the shelves,
you are not confined to,
be the book every avid reader wants to read,
be the avid reader every book wants,
and never ever judge a book by it’s cover.

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When was the last time,
you actually wandered,
when you wanted to,
with just the soul,
for seeing the stars,
for facing the tide,
for the rainbows,
that never hide,
for paths that tell a story,
for mornings of glory,
for people you never met,
for stories you never heard,
for love never felt,
for knowing yourself,
like you never did,
if you ever want to,
then do it for sure ,
without a purpose,
without seeing the time,
without remembering people you knew.
wander to know,
not the places,
but the places you belong to,
wander to know,
not people,
but the person
in the mirror.

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There is a Place

heavenly-purple-clouds-sunset-beach-lavender-skyscape-eszrathere is a place ,
near the stars,
where memories hide,
to shower over you,

there is a place,
near the sea,
where happiness surfs,
to make you wet with joy,

there is a place,
near the mountains,
where loneliness ends,
to make you soar for someone,

 there is a place,
near the fields,
where the tears stop,
to let the smile glow,

there is a place,
near the heart,
that tells me to live,
to search for places.

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The Sea and the Sky

The sea is mighty and full of life,
it holds water and beauty without divide,
think what if the water were tears?,
which sky has shed throughout the years?

The sea has storms that create a rage,
it destroys whatever it finds without leaving a trace,
what if the storm is sky looking back in the past?
and unable to control the tears it should never had?

The sea is calm and cool at times,
like a drink of vodka mixed with lime,
what if the sea and sky meet like this somewhere?
holding each other and stopping the tears?