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A 4 Euro Smile

I frantically search it
in the mirrors,
it isn’t there.

Dusted family albums
leaves no trace of it.

I remember well,
I did not leave it outside last night.
I wasn’t that drunk.

My dog cannot search it,
he stupidly barks.

The Beer does not bring it back
nor does the water,
neither does the chocolates

this light and the darkness,
the sun and the moons,
my entire childhood,
they have no answers,
no fucking clue.

But only one question for me.

Why don’t you just buy it again?

– Smile.
A Mask of Happiness.
A Breeze of Contentment.
A Light of Hope.
A Kiss of Success.

Just buy it.
Fake it.
Live it.
As you do it every other day.

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I Can Write

I can write out of misery,
can make you feel teary,
about dawning light and loneliness,
of letter unanswered , dark emptiness

everyday has been a test i guess
of where pain hits me most
the nerves or the chest
but why spill ink to spit what’s inside
isn’t too much dirt already outside

can’t we imagine a merry time?
snowflakes falling, oh I listen wind chimes
dark brewed coffee and chocolates too
a dog that barks every time it sees you
It isn’t hard, I tell everyone every time
just let it flow, forget time.

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Silver Lining

It’s easy to spill out pain,
even easier to pen it down,
a thousand sighs goes into writing,
and you might end up with a master-piece,
soaked in your own tears.
People do take pain seriously,
But what about a merry trip?,
A blackout over a couple of beers with friends,
a laugh so hard you cried,
a kiss you cannot forget,
a gift you always wanted,
Try writing about them
you might end up
soaked in wicked smiles,
and memories to share,
It’s perfect to be happy,
even better if other become because of you.

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Shiny and slimy..transparent they seem,
fragile to a breath still they float,
without a care,without a pride,
showing all what is inside,
what if we all were strong bubbles,
all aiming for the sky,
without any darkness inside
till the untimely burst
that would shower droplets of happiness everywhere.

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There is a Place

heavenly-purple-clouds-sunset-beach-lavender-skyscape-eszrathere is a place ,
near the stars,
where memories hide,
to shower over you,

there is a place,
near the sea,
where happiness surfs,
to make you wet with joy,

there is a place,
near the mountains,
where loneliness ends,
to make you soar for someone,

 there is a place,
near the fields,
where the tears stop,
to let the smile glow,

there is a place,
near the heart,
that tells me to live,
to search for places.