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We all are bound to depart,
from places we love someday,
Willingly or unwillingly
Some leave with tears,
Some with memories..
and some never leave at all,
the places have remains of them,
echoes of their presence,

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There is a Place

heavenly-purple-clouds-sunset-beach-lavender-skyscape-eszrathere is a place ,
near the stars,
where memories hide,
to shower over you,

there is a place,
near the sea,
where happiness surfs,
to make you wet with joy,

there is a place,
near the mountains,
where loneliness ends,
to make you soar for someone,

 there is a place,
near the fields,
where the tears stop,
to let the smile glow,

there is a place,
near the heart,
that tells me to live,
to search for places.