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Conundrum of Choices

To eclipse a past
Is to brace a free fall,
You have your toes ready
for the descent,
But your skin has a bolt of lightning
Teasing the tense tissues.

Who shall remember you?
A corpse about to turn to uneven bacon,
You had a heart of fire.
Now it is dilapidated smoked ruin.
Was it worth it?

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A Look


A look in the mirror
into the alternate world
where dreams are devoured
to combat reality

A look in the mirror
to see the scars
and remember the journey vow
till the darkest night

A look in the mirror
and seeing fears buried dead
long ago with failures
every night

A look in the mirror
not for the heart
but for the soul
that lives and die.

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White patches on the sky blue
how you float I never knew
chased you as a kid long back ago
thinking how it feels to be like you

to simply float and drizzle away
to look beautiful all the day
I wish I was a cloud beautiful and new
would travel the world seeing every view

but then one day I saw you dark and full of thunders
it frightened me beyond all wonders
to see thunders pierce your heart apart
I vowed that day to never start.

Now I feel we all are clouds
drifting  away from the life blue
all wanting to drizzle around somehow
well me.. just want to enjoy the view

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Ravaged Souls
Bitter burned bodies
Broken in every part
whether inside or outside
look for faith
in search for something
that simply consoles
them  that it would be all right.
If I tell this by myself to someone
in need
We would be making homes out of
of divine pampered idols
for those who pray for homes every time.