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I have a hidden vendetta,
against all the memories you gave,
all the love we shared,
the kisses you stole,
the walks we had,
hand in hand,
now it is all brewing inside,
with rage and nothing else,
I have a hidden Vendetta,
for all beautiful things I had.

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The Sea and the Sky

The sea is mighty and full of life,
it holds water and beauty without divide,
think what if the water were tears?,
which sky has shed throughout the years?

The sea has storms that create a rage,
it destroys whatever it finds without leaving a trace,
what if the storm is sky looking back in the past?
and unable to control the tears it should never had?

The sea is calm and cool at times,
like a drink of vodka mixed with lime,
what if the sea and sky meet like this somewhere?
holding each other and stopping the tears?

Poems, Random thoughts

If I had to Kill You

If i had to kill you, i would gladly decide
to choose between the machete or the glittering knife,
to kill you seeing the fear or end all with a painful stride,
or to chose between the merciful side ,
it won’t be easy for me,
it hasn’t been easy for what i felt,
i had to drive myself insane,
for this massacre to be soulful gain,
i have pictured it again and again,
i feel the blood in the veins hovering with pain,
to hear you for mercy and then giving the schrizophenic smile
then letting the blade do the work,what it does with pride,
It wasn’t easy but it’s over now,i see no motion
just haunted eyes that tell a story,
of how i ended my pain with the blade’s glory,