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Lets Taste the Sunlight – II

We were the lost mermaids that drowned in each other to find ounces of unforgettable love.

I kissed your neck while you nailed my back crafting a map of your moans.

Tracing your breasts to the tips that had waited for me as an impatient wave wanting to touch the shore.

The nipples tasted like sweet honey dripped in cream for you made a connoisseur of desire.

Our muscles melted in yellow shimmering.

We saw the sun tracing our nakedness slowly.

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Sweet Little Death

Let go of the reins,
for this beloved chariot of life
is in a beautiful shamble.

a one-way trip to drink destruction
is sometimes worth it,
if you just learn to close your eyes
at the right time.

all your swirling horrors,
shall fuse and sublimate at midnight.

you would annihilate every night,
what wasn’t yours.

to create what would never be yours,
for it belongs to this world.

you are an artist,
this is how you evolve.

with sweet little deaths,
and a lifelong acrimony
to see what others refuse to.


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Colorful Lights

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A Look


A look in the mirror
into the alternate world
where dreams are devoured
to combat reality

A look in the mirror
to see the scars
and remember the journey vow
till the darkest night

A look in the mirror
and seeing fears buried dead
long ago with failures
every night

A look in the mirror
not for the heart
but for the soul
that lives and die.

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I see you

I see you sometimes,
even  when you are not even there,
I hear you sometimes,
even  when you do not even say,
I feel you sometimes,
even when you are not even close,
I miss you sometimes,
even when you are not coming back,
I visit you sometimes,
even when you are buried and dead.

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Some Eyes

Some eyes are deep,
like a lake of drowned bodies,
like a heart sunk in,
like a long winter’s sleep,

Some eyes tell a story,
like a old war veteran,
like a grandmother waiting for children,
like a writer with a past,

Some eyes take you places,
like a kid holding your hands,
like a treasure map in sand,
like a memory you cannot withstand,

And some eyes love,
like a cute kitten’s,
like a playful omen,
like a mysterious showman’s.

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