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I remain after the destruction
and deaths.
I am what the end of the wars looks like.
When stale corpses transfix themselves
at the calamities,

I breathe slowly.

I remain at the edge of your loneliness
and suicidal thoughts.
When you look for ways to lessen your screams,
I creep into your void to dissolve your thoughts.
I am the hidden reflection in the mirror, you fail to notice.

I walk slowly.

I remain when your world comes to a standstill
over a pair of her eyes that overfill your voids
with dreams and desire and sometimes spaces
between your shadow and the soul.
I am what you forget when you are in love.

I disappear slowly.

I am the beginning of the world,
I am its end.
I am what you crave as well as fear
on the nights, alone.
I am the Wine that caresses your veins
and eats your liver.
Have enough of me, but carefully.
For, I die with you.

I die slowly.


© Shashank Bhardwaj

Pic Credits –  Jean Claude Berens



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an oceanless shore
breathes moist vapors
and dreams of voiceless tides.

The beach is now a graveyard;
islands are the tombstones

white condolence flowers:
albatrosses that flew too high.

I sometimes feel sorry
for the rivers at the estuary.
now adjusted to a silence.

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Hung Up

“Hello are you there?”
said an uncomfortable voice,
and a single line spoken by a breaking voice
resurfaced memories that were burned
from their ashes,conjured pictures
that were forgotten and lost,
brought words to a standstill,
being miles away from her
he could still remember the smell,
listen the laughter,
see the eyes,
when it got overpowering on him
more than he could bear
without saying anything
He hung up .
choked by tears and silence .