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Tears Tonight

I met a stranger,
in the subway tonight,
he seemed lost,
with tears in his eyes,
ragged clothes,
and a smell of despair,
his world seem fallen,
he sat in the corner,
and cried like a baby,
people didn’t care,
I tried,maybe
but I couldn’t bear,
seeing him cry,
so I went,
and asked him why?
He swept his tears,
and looked surprised,
didn’t say a word,
not a sigh,
took out a paper,
and asked me to read,
I read and couldn’t think,
how to leave,
he hugged me hard,
and sobbed again,
“Old Age Home”,
was his pain
a life now spent,
in utter regret,
as where did his love,
fell short in life,
why the end like this,
why tears tonight.

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