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There is a phoenix inside each of us,
rattling out the cages, we call heart,
Ever wondered what keeps it inside?
Why doesn’t it tear the heart apart?,
burns what comes in its way?
so that you have a new self,
pure by the flames of desire,
without feeling of failure,
blinded just by passion,
without thirst, food,sleep,love,faith,hope,

Why do some of us soar so high?
Why do some live with scars?
It is when you killed what you loved,
stopped doing what you always wanted,
listened to the multitude of people,
who never listened to their own rattles of cages.


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Depth of my Dreams


In my dream i drown myself in the sea,
seeing the surface helplessly,
somebody is dragging me from behind,
pulling with all strength,i think to resign,
i gasp for breath till i faint,
to find myself in the sea again,
it wants to tear me apart,
Itch this nightmare deep into my heart,
i shiver and tremble all in pain,
My efforts are going in utter vain,
I turn around gathering some might,
to see this force once again this night,
i see every dream i wished in life,
as the force i feared in nightmarish fight,
broken dreams do pull me down,
choke me up,
break me down,
but i remember the phoenix that rises from ashes,
and its just water here,leaving more chances
i have to be the phoenix from now every night,
burn whatever i have within in sight,
it is then i would be free
from myself and the sea.

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If I had to Kill You

If i had to kill you, i would gladly decide
to choose between the machete or the glittering knife,
to kill you seeing the fear or end all with a painful stride,
or to chose between the merciful side ,
it won’t be easy for me,
it hasn’t been easy for what i felt,
i had to drive myself insane,
for this massacre to be soulful gain,
i have pictured it again and again,
i feel the blood in the veins hovering with pain,
to hear you for mercy and then giving the schrizophenic smile
then letting the blade do the work,what it does with pride,
It wasn’t easy but it’s over now,i see no motion
just haunted eyes that tell a story,
of how i ended my pain with the blade’s glory,

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The Mist and Me

The Mist is all I could see
Strange it may see,it seems on a killing spree
Thick white disappearing with no ends,
cold,unfriendly like omen,
they say it takes you and gives an easy death,
without pain and sorrow,without regret,
I died a long ago but still have the pain,
Me and mist are friends now,unseperable we disappear.