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Close to the Moon

Every night,
I lay down,
and try to find you,
in the stars unseen,

but you were hidden,
behind the clouds,
close to the moon,
where you had been,

 It’s has been time,
since I saw you,
close to me,
even in my dreams,

I will wait for the clouds,
to go tonight,
and see you again,
by any means.

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There is a phoenix inside each of us,
rattling out the cages, we call heart,
Ever wondered what keeps it inside?
Why doesn’t it tear the heart apart?,
burns what comes in its way?
so that you have a new self,
pure by the flames of desire,
without feeling of failure,
blinded just by passion,
without thirst, food,sleep,love,faith,hope,

Why do some of us soar so high?
Why do some live with scars?
It is when you killed what you loved,
stopped doing what you always wanted,
listened to the multitude of people,
who never listened to their own rattles of cages.