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My restless memories
of the most beautiful time gone by
were like colonies of dragonflies,
iridescent and precious.

I clung to them,
for months
feeding of the unreality
they served me in the brightest daylights
and the end of the darkest hours

It was a never-ending carnival,
with my eyes shut off.
A rain that never stopped caressing my lips.
A kiss I couldn’t forget.
A dream close to reality.

It was too late
when I realized:

The most beautiful things should burn first
for the catharsis of a delusional mind.

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Deja Vu

a multiverse existence,
where realities slip through
the hourglasses of time,

memory is a sweet drizzle,
originating from the clouds of conscience,

an atmosphere made of nostalgia,
and we are the floating planet.

the galaxies are unknown and untouched,
we bloom and wither in this cataclysm of life

but I recollect all this,
from a beautiful dream with eyes open,

so was it a deja vu?
or my hands just slipped of this typewriter.

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Our Mind is a Graveyard,
buried are the memories there
soul is the wandering ghost
that dig the dead memories out
some  memories are bright
that bring the early dawn
they heal the soul
but some memories rage storms
cast a dark spell
over the soul.
It’s up to us keep digging
or throw the keys
of the graveyard and
let it wander

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We all are bound to depart,
from places we love someday,
Willingly or unwillingly
Some leave with tears,
Some with memories..
and some never leave at all,
the places have remains of them,
echoes of their presence,

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The Window

Drops falling in murderous cold,
glass fogged with no repose,
I look for someone with eyes wandering,
in distant places,in memories haunting,

I look as far as I can see,
for any shadow,for any imagery,
that took my breath away few years back,
now she haunts me with every exhalation I have.

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No Comebacks

I still remember the place where I left,
Someone behind but not the memories set,
they clinged to me, they haunt me still,
in darkest hours of night, in brightest shades of light,
i hear the laughters echoing which has changed,
changed something deep within me,changed me completly,
Time is a cruel master, it flows with happiness not without it,
It has been mastering me from the past and present,
and of the times that would come, times of tribulations and trials,
trial of why i let them go, why they didn’t turned back,
and gave me a look that would have stopped the torments.