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“We will bring people closer than ever, our aim is to connect a billion people. It’s time we use technology to finally shorten distances between us” said the young entrepreneur .

“Can’t come home Mummy, had a press conference. Will come next month. Happy Belated Birthday Mummy 🙂 ” ,he texted proudly.

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Except from the “Rum  Diary”.


She – Not going gloom on us ,are you? Sitting alone?

I – Apologies,nothing like that.

She – What is the book about you reading?

I – It’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner,     was written by a junkie when he was 22, I am 24 now, I have been carrying a typewriter for past two years..I have written nothing.

She – Don’t say  like that, you have written a few novels.

I – They have no voice.

“This conversation still gives me goosebumps.”

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The Blessing

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Blessed are those for whom the sky,
is beautiful as it was,till they die,
the wind remains an echo
of voices familiar,
it’s the dear ones, alas!
of whom they wanted to hear,
friends are the ones who are always around,
no wounds are open,the heart is sound,
lullabies are heard in the beautiful night,
with stars dancing giving invite,
the storms are far, the battles aren’t true,
sun is gleaming over the morning dew,
love is not a distant dream ahead,
head has no control over heart instead,
pain is over,fiesta is true,
I had a similar dream,did you too?

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Everything is Predestined..Is it?


My Friend asked a simple question last night to me,
Is everything predestined in a path we can’t see,
the path that takes through ups and downs,
the path we call life with a bit frown,

If everything is predestined,then what is the suprise,
why does the almighty then play this hide and seek so nice,
why can’t he simply do a peek-a-boo
and tells us you can’t take decisions cause i am here too,

We act in situations, we crawl through this life,
we seem to ponder and estimate our might,
but that all would seem so useless,
if everything is so predestined and almighty so ruthless,

if you ask me i would strongly disagree,
nothing is predestined according to me,
let him play games i would play with him too,
Lets see what destiny holds for us, checkmate or redo

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No Comebacks

I still remember the place where I left,
Someone behind but not the memories set,
they clinged to me, they haunt me still,
in darkest hours of night, in brightest shades of light,
i hear the laughters echoing which has changed,
changed something deep within me,changed me completly,
Time is a cruel master, it flows with happiness not without it,
It has been mastering me from the past and present,
and of the times that would come, times of tribulations and trials,
trial of why i let them go, why they didn’t turned back,
and gave me a look that would have stopped the torments.

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Depth of my Dreams


In my dream i drown myself in the sea,
seeing the surface helplessly,
somebody is dragging me from behind,
pulling with all strength,i think to resign,
i gasp for breath till i faint,
to find myself in the sea again,
it wants to tear me apart,
Itch this nightmare deep into my heart,
i shiver and tremble all in pain,
My efforts are going in utter vain,
I turn around gathering some might,
to see this force once again this night,
i see every dream i wished in life,
as the force i feared in nightmarish fight,
broken dreams do pull me down,
choke me up,
break me down,
but i remember the phoenix that rises from ashes,
and its just water here,leaving more chances
i have to be the phoenix from now every night,
burn whatever i have within in sight,
it is then i would be free
from myself and the sea.

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Echoes of Rain


I still hear the drops on glass
That come to break silence at last,
One after another they come barging with noise,
And i hear echoes of the rain without any choice

The echoes take me to a place i have been,
Being their is a painful sin,
for the memories and pain that attach to the place,
they keep the happy soul from me displaced,

Echoes taught me it’s okie to cry,
like the sky that’s magnanimous and isn’t shy,
to let go of things you can’t control,
to let your heart heal the soul,

I would hear them all life long,
would see the drops on windows passing along,
The sky has finally taught me to let it go,
it’s okie for me to accept this very slow.

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