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You all had fun,
you all drank,
you all made plans,
for the promised land,

you all played
you all loved ,
you all made your way,
to heaps of cash above,

I headed away,
I listened to heart,
I became crazy ,
falled apart,

In search for dreams,
shouts without scream,
insanity prevailed,
without a sound.

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Poems, Random thoughts

If I had to Kill You

If i had to kill you, i would gladly decide
to choose between the machete or the glittering knife,
to kill you seeing the fear or end all with a painful stride,
or to chose between the merciful side ,
it won’t be easy for me,
it hasn’t been easy for what i felt,
i had to drive myself insane,
for this massacre to be soulful gain,
i have pictured it again and again,
i feel the blood in the veins hovering with pain,
to hear you for mercy and then giving the schrizophenic smile
then letting the blade do the work,what it does with pride,
It wasn’t easy but it’s over now,i see no motion
just haunted eyes that tell a story,
of how i ended my pain with the blade’s glory,