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Depth of my Dreams


In my dream i drown myself in the sea,
seeing the surface helplessly,
somebody is dragging me from behind,
pulling with all strength,i think to resign,
i gasp for breath till i faint,
to find myself in the sea again,
it wants to tear me apart,
Itch this nightmare deep into my heart,
i shiver and tremble all in pain,
My efforts are going in utter vain,
I turn around gathering some might,
to see this force once again this night,
i see every dream i wished in life,
as the force i feared in nightmarish fight,
broken dreams do pull me down,
choke me up,
break me down,
but i remember the phoenix that rises from ashes,
and its just water here,leaving more chances
i have to be the phoenix from now every night,
burn whatever i have within in sight,
it is then i would be free
from myself and the sea.

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