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Should I still float?


For the past seven days
I have been floating in the carcass of this boat
dancing to the tunes of mediocrity.
My daisies are now dead.
Their aching souls have found solace
in the howlings of the shameless winds.

It’s so easy to disappear once you are out of words.
You become a shadow with a taste for silence.

The lack-lustered azure shows no remorse
for this land without a song.
It cannot weep tonight,
for the madness in its belly
while groping the breasts
of colorless clouds
has been ejaculated long ago.

I conjure the ripples
over a lifeless lake.
This is one of the last daisies, I found.
A few more hours into this rummage,
and I shall decapitate my existence
with a thirst for words
still lingering over my voiceless tongue.
Feed’em to the hungry dogs.
Call it Poetic Justice.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

creative-writing, Fiction & Poetry, fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry

Madness Float


a breeze of guilt,
smells like remorse
in the morning

the descending fog camouflages
the slaying of the whispers

in a city this big,
everybody is a slave

skies watch patiently
to choose their meals:
the unfortunate and weaklings.

they are all up from sleep:
nature’s most intelligent creature.

the madness shall now float.

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Raw Love

She had raw love
the one you don’t find easily,
the one that is hard to play with,
the one that destroys you.

but you will still keep asking for more
because it’s a poison
that would end your hidden sufferings

because she can make you believe
with her eyes and love
that you are missing something within

you don’t fear death now
you fear those eyes,
that love,
this life,
without her.

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If I had to Kill You

If i had to kill you, i would gladly decide
to choose between the machete or the glittering knife,
to kill you seeing the fear or end all with a painful stride,
or to chose between the merciful side ,
it won’t be easy for me,
it hasn’t been easy for what i felt,
i had to drive myself insane,
for this massacre to be soulful gain,
i have pictured it again and again,
i feel the blood in the veins hovering with pain,
to hear you for mercy and then giving the schrizophenic smile
then letting the blade do the work,what it does with pride,
It wasn’t easy but it’s over now,i see no motion
just haunted eyes that tell a story,
of how i ended my pain with the blade’s glory,