Desire, fiction and poetry, Life, lost, Love, pain, Poems, Poetry


Desire, fiction and poetry, Life, lost, Love, Poems, Poetry

A Lost Evening

Of all the nights
and the beautiful days
in the thunderstorms
and the cold rains,
I knew somewhere within
we were not meant to be
together , forever
we departed as
the sky and the ocean
only to see each other
destined never to meet

But I still remember you
from a lost evening
when the sky bled red
blues were the only hues
the dogs moaned
and I waited for you
to comeback home.

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Far away
In a green land
near the park bench
where the lakes meet
and whisper stories.

I sit there
and read my stories out too
from the diaries
I wrote for you
to the wind,
lakes and
the universe

But I never finish,
Because you never left,
inside you are there
alive in every story

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I see loads of people
crammed in places where one can’t breathe
full of music promised to drive away your demons
just to wash away the dirt of the week that slipped
and they eventually try
to live one night
just to survive the days coming
We are all in this whirlpool
of never ending desire
to lose ourselves
in people we don’t know
things we don’t care of
Ask me, How your nights are?
I would say restless
busy searching myself inside
and scared , if successful.

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Snow Man

I have tried to find myself
sometimes in the mirror
or the lake
but failed every time

I met a stranger whenever
I tried.
One who is weak
Lost and Misled
but then came the winter
and thus snow

I came out and saw the heavenly whiteness
all around
I took a handful of it
formed balls and tread marks
and finally a snowman

staring at him for long
I felt like crying
I destroyed him and so did myself.

now there is no snowman outside
or inside
just remains the thin ice on the lake
which is going to make the world drown
if give a fucking chance.

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Close to the Moon

Every night,
I lay down,
and try to find you,
in the stars unseen,

but you were hidden,
behind the clouds,
close to the moon,
where you had been,

 It’s has been time,
since I saw you,
close to me,
even in my dreams,

I will wait for the clouds,
to go tonight,
and see you again,
by any means.