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I do dread
the ghostly shadows
flinching and playing
with the mirrors
making faces
a new one every time,
they whisper in the dark
and laugh mockingly
behind my back

I do not get angry though,
they at least show what they are up to
unlike us who do the same,
but pretend to be angels
all the time.
even in the light.

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Consumed by Light

There are stars that shimmer in the sky,
for some reason i don’t know why,
it’s my wish to see the brighter side,
i want to be consumed by light,
light of love, light of memories,
Light to show the path of exemplary,
light that brings me smile, light that glows heart
light that digs out the dead, give them a new start.
It would be an end and start to a new beginning,
of finding one’s purpose ,one’s true meaning.
Let us all fill light in the darkest corners,
till no one is sad, no one is a mourner.

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