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Bring Up the Bodies

Within us,
everyone of us,
bodies of lie live,
the lies range from person to person,
some lie about their fears,
some lie about failures,
some about the strength they have,
some of the courage they hold,
the weight and scream of these bodies,
drag us down from the peaks,
make us fall,
make us nervous,
stop us from achieving goals,
because we have a habit of burying the past
and not facing it.
On a fateful day,
bring up those bodies,
and burn them till you suffer,
with lies,
the suffering is temporary,
the scars are mere signs,
that you are not ashamed of the truth,
that you face the world without lies,
just bring up those bodies and incinerate them
with the past you never wanted
and one day,
the peak will be yours,
you won’t feel the scars,
just the truth and nothing else.

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A Man’s Oeuvre
is an image of his
hidden soul
It crawls out
every night
in every work,
where he puts,
all his heart and
might. So never judge
it by your naked eyes.
a naked soul would suffice,

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Every time I see the mirror,
I see a contrast of images,

I sometimes see,
a kid wandering in the world,
lost in thoughts,
willing to paint the world,
in canvas of words.

And sometimes,
a writer struggling for words,
to paint the world,
in canvas of never seen words,

But the glass,
is a deceiving perception,
it makes us see,
What we don’t have,
or what we need,
never it shows,
the real me.

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Consumed by Light

There are stars that shimmer in the sky,
for some reason i don’t know why,
it’s my wish to see the brighter side,
i want to be consumed by light,
light of love, light of memories,
Light to show the path of exemplary,
light that brings me smile, light that glows heart
light that digs out the dead, give them a new start.
It would be an end and start to a new beginning,
of finding one’s purpose ,one’s true meaning.
Let us all fill light in the darkest corners,
till no one is sad, no one is a mourner.

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