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I like to play with shadows,
making birds,dogs and dinosaurs

I think everybody else does too,
because it is the one thing
nobody ever gives up on

no matter how bad the dog looks
or the birds fly
nobody comes up with
“I can’t do it.”
even the failure
ends in laughter

So what are you making today?

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Sometimes I don’t feel like writing,
I am not able to fathom a title,
inside me words fumble,
they slip out my fingers,
coffee spills on my diary,
the stars don’t seem to align,
I fell on the bed frustrated,
cursing those lucky angels,
who used to sit on my shoulders
and watch me write,
I know the mornings won’t be same,
my toes won’t laugh,
heart won’t sing,
Some Other Day, I tell myself,
If i survive such grief

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Every time I see the mirror,
I see a contrast of images,

I sometimes see,
a kid wandering in the world,
lost in thoughts,
willing to paint the world,
in canvas of words.

And sometimes,
a writer struggling for words,
to paint the world,
in canvas of never seen words,

But the glass,
is a deceiving perception,
it makes us see,
What we don’t have,
or what we need,
never it shows,
the real me.

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I have seen the bright,
I have seen the glories,
they all tell me a lovely story,
how easy it is to see the light
even in the darkest times,
but not the darkness even in the brightest,
enough of your love,
I had till now,
show me your darkness,
show me your wounds,
show me the pain,
show me the worry,
I will kiss them away without any hurry.
and tell you something again and again,
that  your darkness in heart will never go in vain.

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The Window

Drops falling in murderous cold,
glass fogged with no repose,
I look for someone with eyes wandering,
in distant places,in memories haunting,

I look as far as I can see,
for any shadow,for any imagery,
that took my breath away few years back,
now she haunts me with every exhalation I have.