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It has been a long time since I have penned down something quite originial in this blog. There has been a lot of thoughts that have been going through my head seeing this world change. There is an uneasiness as to how things are unfolding, I have started my shift from poetry to non-fiction writings. Now I am trying my best to craft them into comprehensible and readable thoughts worth pondering upon. Its time to relapse to writing again. Time to end the drought.

Meanwhile here is the picture of some recently brought books.

Shashank Bhardwaj

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Left cold alone,
in a blanket nude,
lies my love singing,
waiting for you,

to watch me all night,
while i hold her again,
to kiss me everywhere,
to forget all pain,

I love her dearly,
but i have more mistresses too,
All willing to lie with me,
to see me through,

my shelves are full of them,
new ones come every month
only the smell remains same,
like books there is none.

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The Last Free Souls

In the sublime ocean of life,
where memories wanders as souls,
some float lifelessly at the brim,
some echo life even in the depths unknown,

In sheer darkness of times to come,
when the storm of time spares none,
obscure depths would remain untouched,
fulfilling the prophecies so blunt,

These are the last free souls,
of time unknown,
forgotten and stolen,
from lives of our own.

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Why Do I Run?

Last time as far as I can remember, I ran 2 kilometers straight. It has become a ritual for me to clear the thoughts out of my head,to set the heart pumping,to let myself know my breath again. But Why Running? I could have gone to the gym, could have a done a ton of exercises with no regrets and back desperately looking for miraculous changes.It’s funny i won’t and even funnier I can’t. It has always given me chills to raise the bar for myself. But I have other ways of raising it. As I run different laps,with each one consuming my breath,wanting to choke me down within, i realise defeating oneself is tougher than anything else.

Today,I sat to write,but couldn’t fathom a prompt.Words fail me sometimes. I seeked isolation,I wanted to clear my mind, I put up my running shoes,earphones and went out to run. But this time I set the bar for myself to 2.30 km. With Eminem pumping me with “Kings Never Die”, I try my best to run or I should better say outrun myself. I ran till I gasped for breath,my stomach ached,my legs hurted.Somewhere in between I wanted to quit, i wanted to skip it to another day, my gut told me to rest a while. But then it pondered to me to complete what i began, it is always easy to quit. To tell yourself you can’t. When World full of people ready to bring me down,ready to tear me with acquisitions of me being no better,no different from a flurry of people around. I decided to not to stop till I hear,” 2:30 Km completed“.I wandered my thoughts to what I should write today, I had enough of poems for you all. I decided to let the chaos burn inside and I did. There is always a sheer exhilaration in doing things you felt you could never do, In achieving what you always wanted in first place. I now have clear mind as to what to write. A Voice inside me telling 2.5 km next time? Sure I would Try. So try running, why not one day you realise that somewhere deep inside, you always can outplay your abilities to the best.

You can always defeat you past,if you push yourself from “I will” to “I can”.