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We are

We are Bright
Sometimes than a galaxy
if one looks inside

We are not made for making paintings for home
We are not made for writing poetry for loved ones
We are not made for singing for a boring audience
We are not made for evading deaths on a motorcycle
We are not made for fantasies of night

We are the sun and moon
of a planet lost in universe
Look Up the mirror
If you don’t find a disgusted face
every morning
then you sleep till the beating of heart stops
or awakens you.


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In a moment of madness
he burned his diary
his thoughts, his poems
his life was burning to ashes.
Inside he laughed thinking of
days to come.
when there would be no calling
in his heart to write.
No nights spent asking himself his worth
Failure didn’t made him a loser
It just made him forget that he wasn’t ordinary.

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Never be the Same

Ever since,
I decided,
to chase my dreams,
my heart,
has raging storms,
my eyes love the darkness,
my path,
has been rocky,
full of unknown people,
filled with mist,
with no traces of solid ground,
pits waiting to swallow me,
in depths unknown,
but with dreams to chase,
you have to surpass them all,
you can never be the same

Poems, Random thoughts



I have a thirst for things i see,
be it a drink,fame or money,

the more I get,the more I want,
it keeps me busy and uneasy.

The thirst goes wild as time pass by,
things add up in the list and my throat dries
there is a fear of having nothing to quench
dry i’ll be dead with too much resent.

Thirst is although good sometimes for me,
I know what to get,what it will be,
When it dries inside i know what to do,
keep working like this as i am about to.