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Never be the Same

Ever since,
I decided,
to chase my dreams,
my heart,
has raging storms,
my eyes love the darkness,
my path,
has been rocky,
full of unknown people,
filled with mist,
with no traces of solid ground,
pits waiting to swallow me,
in depths unknown,
but with dreams to chase,
you have to surpass them all,
you can never be the same

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Everything is Predestined..Is it?


My Friend asked a simple question last night to me,
Is everything predestined in a path we can’t see,
the path that takes through ups and downs,
the path we call life with a bit frown,

If everything is predestined,then what is the suprise,
why does the almighty then play this hide and seek so nice,
why can’t he simply do a peek-a-boo
and tells us you can’t take decisions cause i am here too,

We act in situations, we crawl through this life,
we seem to ponder and estimate our might,
but that all would seem so useless,
if everything is so predestined and almighty so ruthless,

if you ask me i would strongly disagree,
nothing is predestined according to me,
let him play games i would play with him too,
Lets see what destiny holds for us, checkmate or redo