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Some wait for miracles
Some churn them out of sweat
Many watch The Everest in awe,
Only few reach it’s neck.

Many drown in the sea
But a few play in it with boats
Don’t hold your heart somewhere inside
Like time my dear let it float.

Let it be washed out on beaches unknown
Where no life prevails
Then see it beat slowly
Like no one could have ever shown.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.

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Burn Bright

Don’t scribble your heartbreaks to me,
don’t show me your scars,
don’t cry over your failures to me
or to anyone around,
they would rob you of your emotions,
they would make fun,
the world looks more for misery than happiness in others
instead make friends with your demons,
build a rage that drives your life,
remember all the defeats every night
till your nightmares spark a never ending fire inside,
Burn bright
because there is too much darkness outside in this world
to bear.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.