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I like to play with shadows,
making birds,dogs and dinosaurs

I think everybody else does too,
because it is the one thing
nobody ever gives up on

no matter how bad the dog looks
or the birds fly
nobody comes up with
“I can’t do it.”
even the failure
ends in laughter

So what are you making today?

fiction and poetry

5 Year Old

if you were transported back
to a 5 year old you
with your sane intellectual mind
I am pretty sure
you would spend no time
in impressing others
but rather would roll in the mud
for days, draw castles and create
a laughing havoc

if that is the case
then why not unwind yourself
rather than chasing deadlines,
an eye or two might be raised
but more hearts would want
to drown and swim in the tides
you create.




fiction and poetry, Life, Love, Poems, Poetry


whatever dwells,
here on earth
with or without purpose,
all around,
should be absolved
for a higher truth,

the souls within ourselves
when let go,
to the places never seen,
holy or unholy
never carry guilt,
obligations and any boundation,
to anyone,
then why the dead ones
stinking in the cemetery