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A 4 Euro Smile

I frantically search it
in the mirrors,
it isn’t there.

Dusted family albums
leaves no trace of it.

I remember well,
I did not leave it outside last night.
I wasn’t that drunk.

My dog cannot search it,
he stupidly barks.

The Beer does not bring it back
nor does the water,
neither does the chocolates

this light and the darkness,
the sun and the moons,
my entire childhood,
they have no answers,
no fucking clue.

But only one question for me.

Why don’t you just buy it again?

– Smile.
A Mask of Happiness.
A Breeze of Contentment.
A Light of Hope.
A Kiss of Success.

Just buy it.
Fake it.
Live it.
As you do it every other day.


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