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The Pianist

Immaculately dressed in black and white,
hair that shone even in tint lights,
he played the piano on lonely nights,
remembering her daughter and the little cute fights,

It’s been 15 years,longing now stole his patience
nerves bled when he was found in basement,
the piano was sold and so was the house too,
Still people hear those symphonies so true.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.

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Mama I see ants,
Over the shore,
all crawling there,
I do not see daddy here,
Why Mommy,
where did daddy go?,
his boots are gone mommy,
even Bujo is scared,
he keeps barking all night,
i saw stars so bright,
I heard thunders and explosions,
I see smoke,
I see flashes on the beach,
i hear people mommy,
i see them lying on beach
and i see blood from my head,
don’t lie down mommy,
Lets go mommy,
before the sun rises.

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I see you

I see you sometimes,
even  when you are not even there,
I hear you sometimes,
even  when you do not even say,
I feel you sometimes,
even when you are not even close,
I miss you sometimes,
even when you are not coming back,
I visit you sometimes,
even when you are buried and dead.