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Flowers on Fire

The subways are empty
at the dead of the night.
Their exits recoil themselves
in the ashes of the ashes.
I whiff a pure smoke of a forgotten memory
and let it breed within my substructured brain.

A graveyard of cigarettes greets my shoes.
The lights go hazy as the winds turn warmer.
Another dull night has been devoured today,
with the help of a fifth of liquid courage.

Darkness needs darkness.
Its an immortal curse,
an undying thirst.
It travels with an agonizing silence
from the corpse of an empty bottle
to my eyes, staring an abyss

I wanted to curse everyone
with my eyes, while slitting their throats
by my tongue.
But I reach home dejected
whirling myself into an abyss
of nothingness.

I try the usual grind,
to type something beautiful,
but the words have escaped my prison ago.
I need a new remorse, to vomit a new grief.
So I set the whole garden on fire
and wait.



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I rinse
in the leftovers
of your smell, waiting for you
in the everlasting darkness.

For sometimes
I ache for you:
a perfect amalgamation
of flesh and tender bones
that must have bathed
in a rain of fire in her afterlives.

In morning your slither into our bed in that black dress of yours burning the dichotomy of the dissolved night and the receding day.

I then kiss, make love and regret nothing
like the human who discovered fire.

© Shashank Bhardwaj

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Hymn those verses
as eyes dive into this
seminal darkness.
the very ones I always hear
and forget
at the end of the dreams.

Build a crown of wood,
and lit it up for those
eager to taste it.

Split the fire
into two parallel mirrors:
power and desire.
let me see the anatomy
and the invisible bones.

They shall keep burning each other
till they forget their purpose,
as the mind and the soul forget
when awaken by the rain of blood.

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Burn Bright

Don’t scribble your heartbreaks to me,
don’t show me your scars,
don’t cry over your failures to me
or to anyone around,
they would rob you of your emotions,
they would make fun,
the world looks more for misery than happiness in others
instead make friends with your demons,
build a rage that drives your life,
remember all the defeats every night
till your nightmares spark a never ending fire inside,
Burn bright
because there is too much darkness outside in this world
to bear.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.


Ice and Fire

An unconventional attempt to portray Ice and Fire through words,
Sources of Inspiration remain the orignal poem ” Fire and Ice” By Robert Frost and the writings of George R. R. Martin ” A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Ice and Fire,
with secret desires,
different completely,
and consequences dire,

chosing cunningly the prey,
ice moves without commotion,
and things become irrevocable then,
like dead cold ocean,

the fire but makes noise,
and makes the prey scream,
till it reduces to ashes,
the proof of its once pristine,

what if they are together,
like two inseparable souls,
would there be a chaos or shudder?
a light of fire or dead cold?