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Beneath the blue waters
lies a mermaid
singing songs and playing everyday
be it a fog or clear sky
one could hear her singing while passing by
she sings for the dead
for the people drowned
who now live in her house
sadly all alone
sometimes I wonder if it is true
do the dead cry
after dying too?
what if they smiled all the time?
made merry
and rang chimes
what is left for us to live then
Lets embrace the mermaid
and listen again.

© Shashank Bhardwaj.


Ice and Fire

An unconventional attempt to portray Ice and Fire through words,
Sources of Inspiration remain the orignal poem ” Fire and Ice” By Robert Frost and the writings of George R. R. Martin ” A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Ice and Fire,
with secret desires,
different completely,
and consequences dire,

chosing cunningly the prey,
ice moves without commotion,
and things become irrevocable then,
like dead cold ocean,

the fire but makes noise,
and makes the prey scream,
till it reduces to ashes,
the proof of its once pristine,

what if they are together,
like two inseparable souls,
would there be a chaos or shudder?
a light of fire or dead cold?