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Thanks a Lot !!

Today I have managed to get more than 100 followers, for me it is the beginning of something good. It means that I someway or the other made you feel  like I do through my writings. I will always cherish this fact. It also means that I have now the responsibility of living up to the expectation of my fellow bloggers. I would try my best to do so. These 3 months on WordPress have been a great learning experience for me. Today I would like to share the poem which inspired me for writing poetry. My favourite poem none the less by J.R.R.Tolkien



Ice and Fire

An unconventional attempt to portray Ice and Fire through words,
Sources of Inspiration remain the orignal poem ” Fire and Ice” By Robert Frost and the writings of George R. R. Martin ” A Song of Ice and Fire”.

Ice and Fire,
with secret desires,
different completely,
and consequences dire,

chosing cunningly the prey,
ice moves without commotion,
and things become irrevocable then,
like dead cold ocean,

the fire but makes noise,
and makes the prey scream,
till it reduces to ashes,
the proof of its once pristine,

what if they are together,
like two inseparable souls,
would there be a chaos or shudder?
a light of fire or dead cold?