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Unapologetic Love


Beneath the trees
that once nurtured me,
I oversee the valleys.
The Fog descends slowly
like a veil to guard
the modesty of untouched lands

Come morning,
the shimmering sunlight
shall remove the veil
with yellow bright
kisses; lakes and seas
shall mirror the coquettishness
in the blues.

Nature’s unapologetic love
brews in the unseen seasons,
un-noticed somehow.

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an oceanless shore
breathes moist vapors
and dreams of voiceless tides.

The beach is now a graveyard;
islands are the tombstones

white condolence flowers:
albatrosses that flew too high.

I sometimes feel sorry
for the rivers at the estuary.
now adjusted to a silence.

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sun bathes in snow,
a few hues melted
to eventually freeze
in the sky

a crepuscular light,
a white grave of memories,
that smells like burnt wood
and fresh dark wine
by the fireplace

a white sheet of blindness,
over a glass of silenced darkness
fire devours
the aching coldness,
the melody,
appeases even gods,

the fangs of frost
grope the petals of the flowers,
some will perish this winter.
intertwining beauty and death
both of which I seek,
but at different times
in my life

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The Lost Smell

an amicable smell
from the dried grasses
after the evening drizzle
and the turmeric laden idols,
that fuses into memories,
like reopening dust laden book,
in the house that greets waves
with eyes closed and an absence
of discord

even souls here burn
and wash away like a dried
incense stick on voyage
to nowhere and everywhere

the cows ring bells
in harmony and unison
there are no beds
but the dogs and humans
sleep alike
in comforts of a ground
that caresses unequivocally
in life and eternal death.

the smell has gone now
now concrete, glasses and woods
stink of success and fervor,
something terrible happened
really terrible.