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Spilled coffee over torn pages,
light withdrawn into dark cages,
lamp flickers and so does my mind,
words fail to hit me in every fucking line,
it’s been time I wrote a true line,
that clears thought,that smells divine,
that drowns me in a ocean sublime,
I feel agony all around,
all quiet here,still so much sound,
there is no cure,but I will be fine,
writing isn’t easy,that is how I deal every time.

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Enclosed in a room,
not too large,
with just candles,
to light the night,
he lays down all day,
looking at the roof,
and outside through,
a small window,
to the blue sea,
the sunburnt boats,
fishermen with children
and sometimes the dolphins,
as the night draws near,
winds grow cold,
the moon shines bright,
and then he like us,
starts to write,
In candlelight,
about the life he never had,
of places he never saw,
Children he never had,
he then tears the paper,
rolls it and throws it out,
in hope of being read,
by someone,
like us.

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In unquestioned realms
of faith and worship,
where the answers
and prayers reach,
the almighty,
there lines a fine line
between idolizing and
when you leave the pity,
hungry and downtrodden
to rot,
to feed an immovable deity that has no
power but eyes to see all
and do nothing.

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Thanks a Lot !!

Today I have managed to get more than 100 followers, for me it is the beginning of something good. It means that I someway or the other made you feel  like I do through my writings. I will always cherish this fact. It also means that I have now the responsibility of living up to the expectation of my fellow bloggers. I would try my best to do so. These 3 months on WordPress have been a great learning experience for me. Today I would like to share the poem which inspired me for writing poetry. My favourite poem none the less by J.R.R.Tolkien


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Within me,
lies an irresistible urge,
a dark one indeed,
that would not fathom beauty,
nor the brave,
that consumes darkness,
that needs slaves,
that is biased,
that is superstitious,
that tells me things,
that makes me see void taking shapes,
it isn’t scary,
no it isn’t indeed,
when I showed,
the world where I lived,
it has been down there since,
cornered in the heart,
it refuses to come, even after it’s dark.

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To Like is Divine !!

Things to do everyday for a blogger should must include reading an unknown,untouched random blog . Look for its content, it’s purpose, the effort being made and finally shower a Like !
and why is that, because for every like given to an unknown,untouched blog there would a rise of hope in the deepest corner of a writer to think of himself in a high esteem.This is how people get better,happier when showered upon by unexpected rain in scorching heat. This is how i have grown through the path of writings, every shower of your like and comment made me a better writer but a much better efforter. So whom are you liking today 🙂