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Swim – (Tanka)


like venomous snakes
let us shed our afterlives
on the floors of past
to swim in the dark futures

A Tanka is a Japanese form of poetry that has a Syllable structure of 5/7/5/7/7 over the course of a single line with breaks.

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There would clouds and it would rain
the sky would be full of thunders,
the winds will howl one day,
but you should not be afraid
read books and write
as you do now

There would be failures
people laughing at work,
seeing you scribble in middle of the day,
dropping their egos like a-bombs on you,
when you ask for reviews
but you should not be afraid
read books and write
as you do now.

There will come a time
where you might be successful
people will read your work
maybe 10,20 or even thousands
never let the pride sink in,
but you should not be afraid still
read books and write
as you do now.

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Within me,
lies an irresistible urge,
a dark one indeed,
that would not fathom beauty,
nor the brave,
that consumes darkness,
that needs slaves,
that is biased,
that is superstitious,
that tells me things,
that makes me see void taking shapes,
it isn’t scary,
no it isn’t indeed,
when I showed,
the world where I lived,
it has been down there since,
cornered in the heart,
it refuses to come, even after it’s dark.

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Ashes of Future

Ashes are that remain,
when you burn everything,
flying away with inadvertent pain,
letting you know the missing,
ashes of future,of unfinished acts,
which were let go,
because of time you never had,
they could have been memories of past,
a delightful one,waiting to last,
if you would have trusted the guts,
and never step backed as such.
if you would have raised the bar,
for the dreams,
if you would have listened to the fire,
deep down,
if you would have believed,
that with every burn,
ashes do rise but never as the phoenix,
of  winsome times.