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I do have a fascination,
with the stars and moon
but what keeps me glued
to the sky
is the crescent
waiting to complete full round,
amidst tinges of white glowing stars

It’s never perfect
or maybe it is not meant to be
though incomplete,
it still draws attention
and tells me
that it is okie to be incomplete,
one day will still stand out
among all the stars
when the sky is clear.

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The Sea’s Longing

The sea longs for a lost lover,
every beautiful night,
who was taken away from her,
very far out of sight,

Every clear night,
she sees him above,
among the stars bright
lies her lost love,

who conjures waves in her,
with his dim light,
she breaks down in unrest,
even with all her might,

the stars look at everything,
and quietly wonder why,
their love increases with distance,
every single night.

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In the dim glow of moonlight,
darkness craving for its might,
The lake adorns a silvery sight,
love is bursting for its right,

fog spreads like a flood from no where
timid hearts are beating in space somewhere,
with candles that glow and melt every night,
familiar bodies embrace tonight.

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