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White patches on the sky blue
how you float I never knew
chased you as a kid long back ago
thinking how it feels to be like you

to simply float and drizzle away
to look beautiful all the day
I wish I was a cloud beautiful and new
would travel the world seeing every view

but then one day I saw you dark and full of thunders
it frightened me beyond all wonders
to see thunders pierce your heart apart
I vowed that day to never start.

Now I feel we all are clouds
drifting  away from the life blue
all wanting to drizzle around somehow
well me.. just want to enjoy the view

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A Crazy attempt,I pondered over sleep to write a poem using the same word again and again. This is what I get. Thanks for bearing.

Some do it wonderfully
others keep on wondering
on how to wonder
and what to wonder
whether the wonder we want
is worth the wondering
in this wonderful world
wonders were never created
they were born as wonders.
as we are
wonders,each one of us
and still we keep wondering
where to discover
the next wonder.
when it’s within us.