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Voice Seeking Heaven.

Euthanasia or Mercy Killing is a highly debated issue,with people willing to die because they can't bear the excruciating sad life with no hopes left for better tomorrow.

Between the battles of life,
and triumphs of battles,
layed a voice so idle,
with no strength left,
no hopes for a miracle,
eyes wander as far as it can,
with bafflement unbearable,
armchair carries the body,
but soul refuses to stay,
in the confinement,
that is at rest since ages,
the purpose has been lost ,
and the hope is decaying,
it seems the bird flew close to the sun,
and got a great burning,

everyday the eyes try to see the stars,
wants to find the faults,
that made all stop,
eyes still,
looks for the star,
that is the destined one,
where the soul would rest,
once free,
not all souls seek an early heaven,
not all want to be free soon,
it is the scars that one can’t live with,
that makes destiny rot into memories,
death is not a fear now,
but a friend embracing arms,
that would let voice seek heaven,
and questions unanswered.


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