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Welcome to the Society !!

Welcome you to our society, the society whose customs and thinkings are unparalleled to some extent. I have been living and being told to be amicable to these people on various occasions and this a summary of some of the funny observations I have made of the present society we live in :-

1) Be Accepted or make yourself :-

Your first step towards society is to make yourself acceptable towards society no matter what you have to do, they got Ferrari’s, no problem you need to buy the Lamborghini’s. They celebrating Labours day, you need to celebrate to. They sending their child to Harvard, why can’t your child go?

2) Passion is accountable, untill it pays :-

Passion is something drives you throughout the day, I have seen painters,writers,sculptures, waking everyday to new ideas and working towards the ways to achieve it. But in the end you should try to follow it untill and unless it has potential to drive and sustain your present/future family. It’s similar to using  the inner fire to light the woods to make food for the entire family.Funny isn’t it?

3) Love? Why not? Untill the family loves her.. :-

The ultimate blow comes when you have to make each and everyone in the house to convince the person you want to spend your life with is perfect for each and everyone living member which might include your pets. Secondly even all the so so distant member of her family should be acceptable.

4) Risk is a Child’s play, you are not a child anymore :-

Having Risk is a straight no-no, the unsaid holy laws of acceptance of society prevents you to do so,it doesn’t matter if it includes starting your business or to decide the new restaurant you want to try this weekend.

5) You Talkback, I double Talkback you :-

You are not at all required to talkback to your elders on any matter anyhow. Why? The holy unsaid laws of the society prohibits you to do so. Whether you are right or not, you should not end up opening your mouth and being a heretic for breaking of this holy law .

6) School/College is the Future :-

No matter you like it there or not,no matter you learn something or not,no matter the pet eats your homework or not, you need to aimlessly devote your life there in  hope of an unwanted,misguided future that would support your family extinguishing the flames of passion in you.

These funny instances sometime lighten me , me thinking as to whether this was funny for me or is it same for all of you? Would love to hear you all..Comment your views.


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