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Don’t Drink the Chaos

The cubicle welcomes you
come now sit, go through your e-mails
do your work proudly.

No! Don’t let your eyes wander outside,
it is just a beautiful tree in wind,
just a pond with ripples of water ,
There are no shapes out of them that you can imagine.
There are no memories in their shadows.
This silence ain’t whispering you to write.
Close the notepad.
Just don’t write a new poem again.
Don’t be maniacal.
You need caffeine,
to drift away from your thoughts.
Just fuck them, right?
You gotta work now.

Just don’t search now on the web,
How Hemingway blew his head,
How Sylvia path asphyxiated herself while
her children were asleep,
How Fitzgerald’s heart betrayed him,
How Kerouac died of cirrhosis,
How that old lazy fat fuck Bukowski
told you once to go all the way
otherwise don’t even try.

You are not one of them,
You shall not be one of them.
you are drinking your chaos within,
they all gave in,
they couldn’t drink it.

but you are drowning it in caffeine
and shitting out tons of work.
you shall survive.
if you want to.

But I know you won’t.
I can see it in your eyes,
so go on write then
as you always have.
Make it worth it.
Don’t drink the chaos within

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This guy got me thinking,
through delirium and despair
with sprinkles of madness over
a flesh with a weak heart sewed
over layers of hope.

the ones who write about uncertainty,
death and creating hope out of it are the real writers that made me feel something.

Dostoevsky was the zenith of it.

The Rest writers nowadays are selling themselves, mushrooming like burger joints, using layers of cheesy love and regret to get noticed.

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Writers who mattered. (Part – I)

There are few people who write, who pour their heart out,whose voices transcend through spaces,who take you on a fantasy ride you never wanna quit.These are the people who transform you inside out,make you wanna jump out of the window to feel gravity,to drown in the sea and never come back,to get lost in the stars even in the day. These are the writers who in my opinion have changed the way I feel books,the way I feel myself,the way i write.

1. Ernest Hemingway

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.

He was a macho man of the literary generation of his time.His distinctive writings in  narrative form were blatant,pierced straight to heart and soul of the readers. Began his  literary career as a journalist for firstly the school magazine and then for Kansas City   Star.With a life full of adventure,people,mistresses and  places,this person was did  everything he could possibly do.His writings like “The Old Man and the Sea“, “Sun  also rises” and “Farewell to Arms” are commendable work of writings.These all reflect  the magnificent life he had. A Decorated Military Veteran he served as an ambulance  driver in the World War I for Italian Army.He was one of the “True writers”  whose work  even attract everybody equally even now.He told stories like no one ever did,there seemed  to be a true context of his every story that one could relate. He has been my soul i  inspiration for writing,for never giving up for the dreams you have.He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize in Litreature for his book ” The Old man and the Sea“.

His writings have a distinctive taste,the more i read of this person,the more i want to meet him. But Alas! some wishes are never meant to be true. Like a star that is far away from you,whom you can just see and cannot pay a visit.
His relations with women,drinks,adventures are all quite popular. His flash fictions are worth to be visited once.
His famous flash fiction “Baby shoes,for sale,never worn” haunted people by just 6 words. Such was his command over the thoughts. Some of the thoughts are given below.

Some Thoughts from him to rattle yourself :-

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.”- 

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.